So, why the Zebra?

My recent obsession with all things zebra, came out of nowhere really. I heard somewhere that no two zebras have the same set of stripes, and it fascinated me. I’ve since been told that the same applies for leopards, tigers etc., so that kind of took the fun out of it for me, but not before I started researching zebras stripes and found out all kinds of symbolic meanings and beliefs. So now I just ignore the fact that the same thing applies to nearly all printed animals and continue to live in my new found happy Zebra Land. I also started noticing zebra printed things everywhere I went in the first few weeks after I started learning about them. They were following me 😂😂.

I love the idea that no two zebras have the same set of stripes. Like, love it. Because I think every zebra is beautiful. And no two people have the same bodies, and every body is beautiful. Symbolically the zebra reminds us to be unique and embrace our differences. Zebras don’t judge each other, and we don’t judge the zebra, depending on its stripes. Pity we can’t do the same with each other.

The first thing I read when I first googled zebras was “a zebra animal symbol represents community, freedom, balance and individualism”. I was like, ok I’m hooked, I wanna be a zebra. The community I’ve built on social media might be small to some people, but to me it has literally been life changing. The support I’ve received during hard times, the laughs I’ve had from messages, it’s like having a special secret gang of people on your side, who’ve always got your back. I read that zebras can only sleep when another member of the herd is awake and on guard. I think we all need someone to watch over us, people in our lives who encourage and support us. Zebras are closely connected social creatures and, like us, they know it takes a village. We, as humans have a need to gather with like minded people, we need to find our tribe. I’ve found mine.

All attempts by man to tame the zebra have failed, they refuse to be broken. I just love that. They are wild, free, and refuse to be limited by someone else’s rules. If only we were more like that. No more trying to fit ourselves into society’s boxes. No more trying to change who we are, or how we look, just freedom to be ourselves, wear what we want, and be free of society’s expectations on our appearances. Sounds like heaven.

The zebra stripes symbolise balance, black and white, yin and yang. Their stripes also act as protection from predators when gathered together in the herd. Again, teaching us of strength in numbers. For me, their black and white stripes remind me to recognise that opposites can coexist beautifully and harmoniously.
The special magic of the zebra is knowing. We need to know, honour and celebrate our own uniqueness, our individuality. Zebra symbolism encourages us to love our flaws and to be at peace with ourselves.

Be a zebra! 😂