About Us

four women sitting together
The Try On is a space to explore, experiment and evolve.

Having had many years experience of bricks and mortar retail, we are entering the online space with some degree of uncertainty and trepidation. But we are doing so with the same passion and enthusiasm that we always have for every project. Our customer is our main priority, and the experience that they have. When we had a real life shop, we knew how to provide this experience, but this new online space we find ourselves in will be a learning curve for us. But we are excited to start the journey and make you an integral part of it. Any suggestions or feedback you may have will always be appreciated. Follow us on our social media channels to be part of The Try On family.

Our vision has always been to create a safe friendly space where all customers can find clothing that will help them fall in love with themselves. We play by our own rules, and we encourage you to do the same. If you like it, wear it, it really should be that simple. Confidence is the best accessory to any outfit.

In this new online space we find ourselves now in, we hope to bring you a wide choice of different styles and looks, in a wide range of sizes and that will suit all budgets. We also offer lots of services that we hope will make the experience as interactive and personal as it can be.

So, go explore our offering, experiment with different products and evolve into a more confident you.
Explore, experiment, evolve!

Nessa XX